Make way for the novelty, we present you the Snowpark Ratschings! - Snowpark Ratschings


Make way for the novelty, we present you the Snowpark Ratschings!

14.02.2013, 15:42
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Snowpark Ratschings

After a shooting day, we are proud to present you the newcomer among the South-Tyrolean snowparks in a multimedia package! The Snowpark Ratschings is located within the ski resort Ratschings-Jaufen at just a few kilometers south of the Brenner Pass, one of the most snow-guaranteed areas in South Tyrol. Surrounded by a breathtaking panorama with peaks over 3.000m, the park offers a really varied setup with all kinds of obstacles for beginners and advanced riders, and, together with its events, it will ensure loads of fun for everyone!

The setup of the Snowpark Ratschings consists of sixteen elements, among which three boxes for beginners and three boxes for more advanced riders, a tube, two jibs - a mushroom and a wallride spine corner - and two lines including seven kickers between 3 and 12m of size. The tireless shape crew is committed in shaping the park daily to offer snowboarders and freeskiers an unforgettable freestyle experience. In other words, the Snowpark Ratschings is a little treat which only waits to be discovered!

The Snowpark Ratschings offers the perfect scenario for a photographic set and we couldn’t miss this opportunity! During this season, on four public photo shooting days, a professional photographer will be at the park to take some high class freestyle shots of the riders. The photo shooting comes together with the goodie contest “Click’n’Win”, which actively involves the Facebook community of the park fan page.

And speaking of shooting, our film crew has also visited the Snowpark Ratschings in person to take some shots themselves and film the park together with some riders. At the end of the shooting, we had a chat with Arnold von Gimbron and Florian Müller, two of the riders who took part in this shred session.

Hi Arnold! You take often part in our shootings, what do you think of the Snowpark Ratschings?

“You’re right, this is my first time at the park and I must say that was pleasantly surprised! It’s a really amusing easy park with an Italian flair, there are obstacles for everyone. I can’t imagine anyone not having fun with at least one obstacle! Besides, the shape crew is really nice, you see that they have fun and are happy when the riders in the park are also having a blast!”

Hello Florian, welcome in Snowpark Ratschings! Today, just for the shooting, the shape crew opened the bigger kickers of 10 and 12m for the first time. How did an expert freeskier as yourself like them?

“They are pretty fun! But I recommend all beginners not to underestimate them. The line begins with an 8m kicker and its landing, and after that you face the 12m kicker. The distinctive trait of this jump is that it is not a progressive one but is rather thought as an air kicker. This means that you don’t make a long jump but instead you gain 2-3m height from the takeoff. Moreover, the first time that you face the obstacle, you can’t see the landing and for this reason you need some go to find the proper speed and lend precisely.”

While you wait to dive yourselves in the freestyle world of the Snowpark Ratschings, let imagination run free and enjoy this pics as well as the freeski and snowboard videos from the park! We are waiting for you, maybe on a Click’n’Win public photo shooting day, the next one will take place on Sunday, the 17th February! You can always find the latest news on the park on its website and Facebook page, stay tuned!



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