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Videos Alta Badia

Videos Alta Badia

Funslope Biok - Alta Badia - 29.01.2016
vor 2 Jahren
eingetragen: 02.02.2017 - 918 Aufrufe

You don’t feel like riding the usual slope or snowpark, but you also don’t want to miss out on an action-packed ride? Then the Funslope Biok is just the thing for you! Its openness for individuality distinguishes the funslope from the usual installations and lets you ride the funslope in your own speed and style. The various elements are designed for both beginners and advanced riders and thus ensure a highly versatile and thrilling ride. Whether you are looking for new challenges, interesting alternatives, or just a relaxed downhill run – whatever you’re in the mood for, the Funslope Biok has it all!

Alta Badia Ski & Snow
vor 2 Jahren
eingetragen: 19.04.2016 - 1.559 Aufrufe

Neve fresca in Alta Badia
Neuschnee in Alta Badia
Fresh snow in Alta Badia

30 years of FIS Ski World Cup Alta Badia - Official Video
vor 2 Jahren
eingetragen: 19.04.2016 - 630 Aufrufe

Official Video of the FIS Ski World Cup 2016 in Alta Badia, La Villa, on the mighty Gran Risa of the Piz La Ila.

Alta Badia: Kidslope Pralongià II - New in 2015!
vor 3 Jahren
eingetragen: 15.12.2015 - 935 Aufrufe

Alta Badia installed the very new Kidslope Pralongià II, this season! This Slope adresses the very young ones and offers some childlike and funny features. <br /> <br > More information on http:/www.funslopes.com and www.altabadia.info<br /> <br > Featured music available on http:/www.grmny.grmny.com

Alta Badia the best of Winter in the Dolomite Alps
vor 3 Jahren
eingetragen: 27.01.2015 - 2.772 Aufrufe

Alta Badia im Winter: einfach einzigartig!

Questa è l'Alta Badia d'inverno. Inimitabile!

Alta Badia, simply unique: winter in the Italian Alps, the Dolomites.

Alta Badia - Skifahren mit Genuß, Sciare con gusto, A taste for skiing
vor 3 Jahren
eingetragen: 27.01.2015 - 1.533 Aufrufe

Skifahren mit Genuss, die erfolgreiche Initiative, die Skifahren mit Gourmetgenüssen auf einzigartige Weise zu verbinden weiß. Jeder Küchenchef wird dabei mit einer konkreten Skihütte verbunden sein, in der sein Gericht während des gesamten Winters angeboten wird.

Sciare con gusto sulle nevi dell’Alta Badia, l’iniziativa gourmet più attesa da tutti gli amanti della buona cucina e dello sci. Ogni chef verrà abbinato ad un rifugio dell’Alta Badia, dove il piatto sarà disponibile durante tutta la stagione invernale.

A taste for skiing is the most awaited gourmet initiative on the slopes of Alta Badia. Highly regarded chefs will create recipes for one Alta Badia mountain hut, where his or her creation will be on the menu for the whole winter season.

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